Last week, PlannerScape participated in the 62nd edition of CoCoon’s pitch night in Hong Kong. CoCoon is a leading entrepreneurship network and incubator in Hong Kong and focuses on supporting startups to secure early stage investments. Our Corporate Development Director Marco Ferreira presented alongside five other fledging start-ups including Reubird, German Real Estate, Block Aero, OntheRun and Luna2 for a spot in the final round of #CoCoonPitch. The results were determined 50% by audience votes and 50% by the two judges: Derek Kwik of Brave Soldier Venture Capital and Till Rosar of HKEX.
While we didn’t advance to the next round, we are very proud that we won the popular vote to be CoCoonPitch‘s Favourite Startup. Thank you to the HK CoCoon team for hosting the event and to all the audience who voted for us! We wish the winners best of luck in the final round and we look forward to seeing you at more events like these.
Join our community chat group on Telegram so that you can connect with the PlannerScape community and get support from the team. We also have a broadcast channel where we release the latest updates about the project.


Have a read of our latest blog about the move towards initial exchange offerings in the blockchain fundraising space.


We have updated the PlannerScape website with a login function for investors to see updated information as listed below.
  1. Token allocation
  2. Investor information
  3. Investment information
  4. Details on signing Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (“SAFT”)
  5. Terms and conditions
  6. Contact details
In the future, investors will be able to get their tokens via withdrawal.


Last week, we attended the Sora Summit at the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre. Sora Summit is the first conference organized by Sora Ventures with the objective to educate, reflect, and develop opportunities for collaboration between leaders and communities in the blockchain industry in Asia. Speakers included Taylor Gerring, Co-founder of Ethereum Foundation, and Patrick Dai, Founder of QTUM.
Next week from 26 to 30 November, we will be in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent 2018 conference. This is Amazon’s annual conference for users of Amazon Web Services, and the event is focused on cloud strategies, IT architecture and infrastructure, operations, security and developer productivity. We look forward to learning more about AWS products and features and finding new innovations that we can apply to PlannerScape.