We are proud to announce that our minimum viable product (“MVP”) of the PlannerScape platform (the “Platform”) is now ready for public preview!

PlannerScape optimizes your time by automatically ordering and reordering your tasks based on changing circumstances, restores your work-life balance and makes people, skills, time and resources available at any time.

We have been working hard in the last few months and are confident that we are on the right track. We look forward to the feedback of our customers and investors and the iterative learning experience through which we will improve future releases.

How we developed the MVP

We have approached the MVP from different angles and developed several aspects in parallel. The proof of concept from 2017 has been completely refactored and best practices have been employed to make the Platform both infinitely scalable and maintainable. In other words, the front-end is accelerated globally and the back-end is serverless.

The technology of PlannerScape is divided into four streams:
  • Serverless back-end
  • Accelerated front-end
  • Partner APIs
  • Blockchain

Serverless back-end

The back-end is hosted in Amazon’s AWS. It uses both relational and NoSQL databases, serverless cloud computing and is completely API driven. These serverless technologies significantly reduce maintenance needs and allow us to focus on product development while AWS focuses on system availability. It also makes it (nearly) infinitely scalable, so the Platform does not slow down when more users use it.

Accelerated front-end

The front-end is currently web based, allowing it to run on any platform. It’s a single page application (“SPA”) accelerated by AWS’ global content delivery network (“CDN”). We develop the Platform according to the Agile/Scrum methodology and the deployment is automated through continuous integration / continuous delivery (“CI/CD”) allowing us to iterate quickly. As much as possible we develop reusable components enabling us to use those components in mobile apps as well. The user interface is designed with a focus on intuitive user experience.

Partner APIs

Apart from the MVP, we are developing plugins and API interfaces to connect to third party platforms that are sources of tasks. At this stage, these are in the proof of concept phase and will be the result of our own direct needs, for example a plugin for WordPress that enables us to schedule website maintenance tasks directly results from within the website itself. Other connections focus on the execution of tasks, where the example of ordering flowers was already mentioned in the White Paper.


PlannerScape includes two main blockchain components: the PLAN Token and the integrity chain. The (ERC-20) token has been minted and a beta version of the integrity chain has been developed and is operational. The integrity chain will be used for the PlannerScape Concierge service, where users can offer their services and outsource tasks to others. Such chain acts as an immutable integrity database where users’ reviews, ratings, reputation and outsource agreement signatures are stored and validated.

Integration with the Platform is not officially part of the current MVP, although the custom main net is already running and the RPC daemon to interact with the Platform is fully operational. As such we are including it in this progress announcement.

Next steps

With Q4 2018 behind us and 2019 ahead, the next milestone on the roadmap (see below, but also on the website and in the whitepaper) is the release of PlannerScape Concierge followed by the launch of the personal and professional editions.

Scrum Development and Software release cycle

With the initial release of the MVP being ready, feedback from the first users will come in and the iterative learning experience starts influencing future releases. From this moment, our scrum process with two-week sprints will result in software updates being published regularly.

Signup for the Preview

If you are as excited as we are, sign up for a preview. Contact Marco Ferreira for a demonstration and be one of the first users of the PlannerScape Platform.

We appreciate your feedback and we look forward to a fruitful 2019 ahead!