We have launched our first video and we are excited to share it with you. You can catch it on our website or facebook page if you haven’t already. A special thanks goes to the team at The Hoffman Agency for bringing the vision of PlannerScape to life in this video.


Join our community chat group on Telegram so that you can connect with the PlannerScape community and get support from the team. We also have a broadcast channel where we release the latest updates about the project.


Our updated white paper v3.8 is now available on our website. In addition to general formatting and minor content edits, the following sections have been edited or added to reflect the progress of the PlannerScape project. Notably there have been amendments to the structure of the token sale, the details of which can be found in section 5.6 of the white paper.

  • 1           Important Information
  • 2           General Introduction to Technology Used
  • 3           PlannerScape Introduction
  • 5           PlannerScape Business Case for Tokenization
  • 7           Roadmap
  • 12         The Team


The fourth supervised Machine Learning (“ML”) model has an increased data-set and has been deployed which has increased the average precision by another ~1%. Our goal is to ultimately reach an average precision of 92-95%.

The AI demo can be found online at https://aitest.plannerscape.com. Please note that this is not the UI of the app, as it only demonstrates the ability to classify and determine the properties of tasks. Furthermore, when you try the demo, make sure to clearly define a task for optimal results.

The custom integrity chain of PlannerScape has been updated and the test-net has been expanded to be more distributed and more accessible around the world.

The number of integrity nodes has been increased to 15 worldwide and they are available in the following regions: North Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Oregon, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Central (Canada), Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris and São Paulo. A stress-test will be performed in the coming weeks to test the stability of the network.

The real-time database back-end to power both the website and the App has been setup and the initial data models for the application have been finalized. An initial App for the MVP is currently in development and early screenshots will be made available in the coming weeks.


On 9 October, our founding team attended Niubility World Blockchain Conference hosted by one of our advisors Olga Alexeeva at Cordis, Hong Kong. It was a great opportunity to see other startups’ pitches and demo presentations.

We will be participating in Cocoon Pitch Night on 15 November. CoCoon is a leading entrepreneurship network and incubator in Hong Kong and is focused on early stage investments. Please come and support us! For event and ticket information please visit here.


We are happy to welcome Joon Jeong and Sangjin Hong as our Advisors to the PlannerScape project.

Joon Jeong is an educator and businessman with 22 years of experience in South Korea and Asia. His current project, SmarTree, is a blockchain project based in Korea that helps people connect through charitable initiatives. He became interested in blockchain industry and started mining and founded “SmartMining” in 2017. He also founded “SmartPresale”, a company that introduces good ICO projects to the market in South Korea and provides consulting services regarding funding. He comes from a strong educational background, having trained many companies including Samsung and ran educational projects in Italy.

Sangjin is an experienced entrepreneur and investor. Sangjin is a co-founder and the CEO of Chain Cabinet, a Seoul based crypto fund and blockchain company builder. Sangjin is also a partner at Kstartup, a startup accelerator that helped over 50 startups to build their business.  As a former Microsoft Office Product Manager at Microsoft and management consultant at Monitor Group, he brings more than 20 years of IT, software and management consultancy experience to the team.