What is PlannerScape?

PlannerScape re-imagines the future of work with a sophisticated decentralized workplace that uses artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing to achieve a more rewarding lifestyle with the power of planning. Similar to GPS navigation, PlannerScape automatically and instantly responds to changing circumstances to plot the most effective way through work and personal lives. With PlannerScape, users can enjoy more rewarding lifestyles and greater peace of mind by maximizing time and leveraging the benefits of the sharing economy.

What problems does PlannerScape solve?

We’re hard pressed to find someone in a modern lifestyle who isn’t overwhelmed by the number of tasks and lack of time in their daily lives. People often find themselves wasting time on scheduling and prioritizing their days manually, and this takes a toll on their work-life balance and peace of mind.

At PlannerScape, we envision a future of work where people can lead more balanced and rewarding lives with the help of modern technologies and the sharing economy. Everyone should have the tools to effortlessly manage their personal and work lives and enjoy peace of mind.

What is PlannerScape’s mission?

We have a mission to help users enjoy more rewarding lifestyles and greater peace of mind by becoming more efficient and productive. PlannerScape ensures that powerful advanced technologies work on behalf, and to the benefit of users and businesses.

Who will use PlannerScape?

PlannerScape is designed for individuals and can be used across teams and households. The AI technology behind PlannerScape learns individuals’ habits and preferences to tailor the user experience to be exactly what you need.

Where is the team based?

PlannerScape HQ is based in the vibrant international hub of Hong Kong and is proud to be part of the WeWork community in Tai Koo.

Two companies have been incorporated for the PlannerScape project, namely (1) PlannerScape Platform Limited incorporated in Malta as the issuer of the PLAN Tokens, and (2) PlannerScape (Hong Kong) Limited incorporated in Hong Kong as the operating company of the project.

PlannerScape adheres to best practices according to both Maltese and Hong Kong regulations. For details of these two companies, please refer to section 8 (Legal Structure and Setup) of the white paper.

How long has this project been going?

The idea behind PlannerScape has been in development since 2014, and the vision was debuted to international audiences at our first roadshow in Seoul in June 2018.

How can I participate in this project?

We are always looking for key partners to contribute to the project as an advisor, community member, or investor. Please contact us at info@plannerscape.com if you are interested in taking part in the PlannerScape project.

Is there a bounty program to report bugs or security vulnerabilities?

We welcome all the help we can get in securing the reliability of the platform. We will announce a bounty program as soon as our public beta becomes available.

How can I get involved?

Great! First of all please join our Telegram group and / or signup  for our newsletter. That way you stay informed of our latest progress. (You can help us by inviting your friends as well.) We will regularly ask the community for input because your insights matter.