Our CEO, Wouter van der Schagt, had been an independent IT solutions provider for years, and encountered the same problems daily: an overwhelming to-do list, blurred lines between work and personal lives, frustration with wasted time on admin tasks, now knowing what tasks to prioritize to maximize time, and not having enough help. He couldn’t do it on his own and was always suffering from the all-too-common plight of having too much to do and too little time.

Meanwhile, the blockchain industry was in its early days, and people starting figuring out how to apply the technology in different ways due to its long-tooted benefits: transparency, immutability, decentralized power, the list goes on.

PlannerScape is a product that combines the two elements to be a comprehensive task and time management system that utilizes the latest technologies. We are on a mission to create a product that allows you to navigate your own schedule and projects effortlessly – these are just a few ways that we want to make your life easier.

  1. Free your schedule for what matters.

First and foremost, PlannerScape is a time and task management platform for individuals and businesses. Our primary goal is to optimize time and create an effortless task management experience to make your life easier. This is why our goal is to create a sophisticated system available through an easy-to-use interface. The technology behind PlannerScape is intuitive and synchs to individual users’ preferences. Think of PlannerScape as a GPS for your time, helping you navigate through roadblocks and scheduling conflicts to restore work-life balance.

  1. Let others help you when you can’t do it all.

Nobody can do everything by themselves, and why should you when other people can help? Businesses, especially SMEs, suffer if they do not have enough employees or resources to manage time and deliver results productively. This is why we are designing a sophisticated decentralized workplace that allows you to outsource and delegate at the click of a button. We help you to outsource your work to other economies but also ensure that the freelancers and gig workers on the other end are never shortchanged. This collaborative consumption is a key component of the PlannerScape community.

  1. Prioritize your workload in the most effective way.

PlannerScape can immediately and automatically prioritize tasks, reschedule appointments, suggest tasks to outsource and show you consequences and impacts of delays. The technology detects your daily activities and importance of each task based on previous entries and other algorithms (such as time of entry) and prioritizes your time with minimum manual input. It ensures you feel in control with its dashboard displaying what you can accomplish in a day by following its suggested schedule.

  1. Mitigate the changes threatening the job market.

PlannerScape harnesses the power of modern technologies that threaten jobs (such as Artificial intelligence (AI), robots, outsourcing, automation) to ensure that they work in your favor. With more time gained using Plannerscape, we envision work will evolve to become more meaningful and users will be able to achieve greater work life balance and enjoy less stress.

  1. Navigate through distractions with ease.

PlannerScape acts like a GPS for your time and maps out what is ahead of you in your work and personal life. Its intuitive AI-trained time management system can optimize time for individuals and businesses and helps navigate through any roadblocks, distractions or detours that get in the way of you reaching your goals.

  1. Take advantage of technology that is designed to work for your benefit.

At PlannerScape, we apply the latest converging technologies to our product are working for the benefit of our user. AI trained by your entries ensures that you get a tailored and intuitive user experience. It automatically detects tasks, goals, appointments, and more through various sources such as emails, and calendars. The technology gets smarter as you input more entries, and over time the system becomes more intuitive and minimizes the information you have to input manually.

  1. Stay motivated as you work towards your goals.

Gamification elements in the planning tool motivates users to work towards their goals, and with real time tracking, provide visual satisfaction of achieving their goals (i.e. with progress bar, points, badges, leadership boards).

  1. Trust that your information is secure.

A comprehensive planning tool will know everything about your schedule, priorities, contacts, and other personal information. This is why blockchain is integral to the PlannerScape platform: transactions are irreversible and immutable, private information is protected, commissions are eliminated, there is no middleman, and payment and resources can be shared between different economies. Furthermore, it serves as an immutable store of data and AI audit trail. We are committed to developing a product that you can trust.