The Future of Work
 Powered by Blockchain and AI

PlannerScape’s automated time management solution takes care of life’s tedium chores and helps you get things done faster and as effortless as driving a car with GPS navigation.

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PLAN Token Pre-sale

From 1 October 2018

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15% of $3M

Why PlannerScape?

Earn More

Utilizing blockchain technologies, PlannerScape bypasses the typical middle-man. Outsourced work is no longer charged the typical 30%.


Navigating time is like navigating directions. With a clear goal in mind, we automatically tell you how to get back on track after a distraction.

Less Stress

The system responds to any schedule changes and automatically reorganizes your time so that you can always make the most out of your day.

High Quality

Fully transparent, blockchain powered immutable reviews, ratings, reputations, statuses and GDPR compliant profiles for all users.

Full Control

Maintain a healthy work-life balance by keeping your workload less than 100% and by being in full control at all times. Do not sacrifice your sleep.

Save Time

Powered powerful AI technology automatically orders/reorders your tasks, reschedules your apointments and tells you what to do first

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About Us

PlannerScape re-imagines the future of work as a sophisticated decentralized workplace that uses artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing to achieve a more rewarding and more balanced lifestyle. It puts the power into our users’ hands  to regain control of busy lives and feel rewarded. The tool helps with:

  • Optimizing time for individuals and business through intuitive AI-trained time management
  • Outsourcing tasks in the decentralized workplace to make the most of resources in the sharing economy
  • Harnessing the power of modern technologies that threaten jobs to work in your favour

Similar to GPS navigation, PlannerScape automatically and instantly responds to changing circumstances to plot the most effective way through work and personal lives. The platform tailors the experience to individuals’ unique habits and corporations’ commercial needs as it assesses to do lists, notifications, and appointments to proactively navigate tasks. It maximizes efficiency by avoiding roadblocks, distractions, and detours by guiding users on what to do, when to do it, how  to prioritize, and what to outsource.

As a workplace and life companion, PlannerScape has a mission to help users enjoy greater peace of mind by becoming more efficient and productive. We believe that people should never be overwhelmed by chaotic schedules where modern technologies or other people could help.

For more information, join as on Instagram: @PlannerScape / Telegram: https://t.me/PlannerScape.

Our Team

Wouter van der Schagt
Wouter van der SchagtChief Executive Officer
Wouter is the Founder and Managing Director of Infralutions Limited, a blockchain solutions and services provider based in Hong Kong. Wouter is a Certified Blockchain Professional (EC Council) and he is also certified in multiple IT technologies. Ongoing ventures include UnitedBitcoin (board member) and QoinPro (founder).
Lydia van der Schagt
Lydia van der SchagtChief Operating Officer & General Counsel
Lydia is a mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance and corporate governance professional with strong legal background. Lydia has been a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2013 with solid knowledge of crypto-related laws and regulations evolving in different jurisdictions.
Maarten Swemmer
Maarten Swemmer Chief Technology Officer
With a background in IT and human technology interaction, Maarten bridges the traditional gap between users, business and technology. Maarten loves innovating business processes using the latest technologies.
Raymond Wong
Raymond Wong Chief Financial Officer
Raymond is the Founder and Managing Director of Asia Business Centre (Holdings) Limited. With over 10 years of experience in corporate, company secretarial, accounting, finance and banking services, he has developed a strong client network and has assisted thousands of clients from South America, Russia and CIS countries to relocate their businesses in Asia.
Marco Ferreira
Marco Ferreira Corporate Development Director
Marco joined the fintech industry in October 2017. In a short space of time he has gained extensive exposure to cryptocurrency exchanges and was marketing director of UnitedBitcoin. Starting in Guernsey, he has 19 years of experience in the finance industry and he has played pivotal roles in establishing fund administration offices in South Africa and Hong Kong. This involved developing, building, and managing high profile relationships for institutions in multi jurisdictions.
Roseanne Lau
Roseanne LauSenior Marketing Manager
Roseanne brings eight years of experience in editorial business, international media licensing, and content marketing, working for a range of brands from luxury fashion media at Condé Nast to the blockchain start-up space.

TGE Details

  • ETH powered ERC20 compatible Token

  • 1,400,000,000 PLAN Tokens to be minted

  • Contract address: 0x42Ac6Bad529e27A46969F612756a3C12356fB8e4

  • Private Placement – Started 16 June 2018 in Seoul, Korea

  • Pre-sale (30% discount)

  • Main sale (no discount)

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